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July 10, 2007

The “Troy” style dart board

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i received a letter yesterday.  that’s right, a “letter” and NOT an email!  made me smile that there’s still someone who knows how to take pen to paper and make use of the U.S. Post Office.

i don’t want to write every word verbatum, but the author wants to know where he can find an American Style dart board that he used to play on as a teenager.  it was red, hung in the shape of a diamond, instead of a square like a Widdy board would hang.

there were TWO corks, at the center of the board, and an “outside” cork.   he also mentioned that the board was made, or used in the Albany NY area.

i only had one thought, and that was that he might be describing what i had seen referred to as a “Troy” board. 

Troy style dart board

Picture taken from: Ye Olde Dart Shoppe

i feel pretty confident that this was the board he was referring to, and it goes to show that there are a LOT of different styles of darts that are played.  American Darts are such a “homegrown” game.  maybe that’s what makes them so fun?



May 18, 2007

Natalie Fire Company Dart Tournament

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tomroow is the start of the Natlie tournament.  held at the Fire Company in Natalie Pa, it is a two man team event.  which, is a bit of an oddity.  most american style dart tournaments are three man events, with an alternate.

the tourney runs over the course of several weekends, with the finals taking place on June 2nd.  the team averages are capped at 75 (you drop tenths), so everyone wshould have a roughly equal chance of winning.

for more info, including contact information, you can visit the darts newsletter page of American Style Darts.

May 2, 2007

501 – 9 Out Video

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hey guys,

welcome to everyone! while this is definitely going to be a blog about the American Style Dart scene, i thought i’d start off with a little youTube tidbit from the world of English darts.

they commonly play a game called “501”. they start with 501 points, and subtract whatever points they hit. and, if you’re good, you can go out in 9 darts exactly. the rub? you can’t miss a dart.

it’s kindof like hitting three white horses in a row. and even if it’s not that hard, it’s plenty hard.

here’s a youTube clip of some bloke doing just that . . .

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